i’m scared of watching the movie next year, tbh, what if we have ultimately high expectations and when we see the movie everything crashes down & CREY. I’m reading the last book COLS rn, & THE FEELS I HAVE FOR THIS SERIES ARE UNWORLDLY OKAY, sobbing

but omg they got Lily Collins and Robert Sheehan, it has to be good, IT JUST HAS TO BE OKAY

just think of all these pictures of Jamie wearing this black outfit omg im going to die jjhirekfhgfxhkdjsfhghjbvhefsd

im reading the clockwork prince right now, lol i still havent read city of fallen angels gerfsgdhfxrtzsewa

but there’s an entire year of waiting, so let’s just stay calm okay its a long time okay.

what is that even omg

jace wayland is the love of my life man


kay kay im sorry i luv u

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